H.E.R an Artist to Watch

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Lately, I haven’t been into listening to new music.  I’m a serious R&B lover.  With Beyoncé exploring a more rap based style, and none of my fav’s releasing any new music, my radio has virtually stayed in the off position.  While cruising through Instagram videos, I heard this song that caught my attention.  It had soothing melodic vibes, that quickly reminded me of Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill.  I was immediately intrigued, and began my digging.  The song, titled “Best Part,” by H.E.R., quickly became the newest member of my playlist, along with the rest of H.E.R.  EP.  I thought to myself, “Wow!”  She is new, she is excellent, she is H.E.R.!

Her persona a mystery, hidden behind big hair, and sunglasses is as sweetly magnetic as her soft, wispy sound.  Something about this artist seemed so vaguely familiar, and a little investigating brought the answer right to me.  H.E.R. is an artist whose musical journey I’d watched  from time to time in the last decade.  While many assumed she’d vanished from the musical scene recently-myself included- she was still putting in work.  As excited as I am to have solved the mystery behind this beautiful artist, her desire to have the music speak for itself, is what I will respect, because that’s exactly what it does!

Her talent is undeniable, singer, songwriter, poet, musician, and so much more, gracing the music scene with her presence once again.  She is definitely an artist to watch and listen to for years to come.

Check H.E.R. out!





Author: Elizabeth Keith

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