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Our Vision

Geared toward being a helping hand for moms in need, Exclusively Mom, is here to support, to encourage, and to love the moms who need it most. We are a team of mothers, here to build a community of assistance, and a listening ear, by providing resources as well as an outlet of communication. Our vision is to be able to help a mother, and allow her to help another. We are a community of mothers bonded together through nature, experience, and hope for a better future for our children.

Parent Company

Elizabeth Keith, LLC

Built on the principles of equality and equity, Elizabeth Keith LLC, promotes, builds and encourages the success, and empowerment of women of all ages. Our goal is to provide programs, and resources that build confidence, and offer educational and social support for as many women as we possibly can. In doing so, we will provide an inventive outlet for the world to experience the creative excellence of the Elizabeth Keith brand, while showcasing extraordinary talent through merchandise and products designed and created by brilliant women.

Meet the CEO

Like many single moms, Elizabeth Keith has worked diligently to provide a life of substance, culture, and progress for her three children. Wanting to do better, have better, and be better, she launched an event planning company that featured her own merchandise. As her company began to grow more in the direction of her brand, she decided that, that was the best decision for her as well. Several subsidiaries emerged out of her brand, and that is when Exclusively Mom was born. With a passion for mothers like her, Elizabeth Keith set out to create a platform for moms to get valuable information and resources, as well as find some cool merchandise for the whole family!

Elizabeth Keith

Elizabeth Keith

Founder & CEO

Mother of 3, artist, author, poet

Next Steps...

I believe that we all hold the tools to our success, and sometimes the success of others . Our stories, our triumphs and failures are not just lessons for us to learn, they are also lessons for us to teach. There is so much good that can come from being honest and sharing your knowledge with others. From something as little as sharing which vacations to avoid, to something as profound as sharing the signs of an abusive mate, Everyone has something to teach at least one person. Be a resource for another mom.
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