7 Ways to Make Money in 2018

In today’s day and age we all know what it’s like to need extra money.

  1. Lend your talents to Fiverr

Are you a singer, songwriter, illustrator, writer, resume generator, web designer…..get my drift?  Fiverr gives platform for many types of creative individuals to make revenue by lending their talents.  You build your profile, set your rate and you’re all set to start bringing in the dough!

2.  Uber Eats

Some people fear the whole, “picking up strangers in your personal car,” thing.  If you’re one of those individuals, Uber Eats is the perfect solution.  Not only do you get to make your own hours, and be your own boss, but you don’t have to worry about strangers being in your personal space- that’s a plus

3.  Surveys

I’ve always been doubtful of online surveys.  Most of the time it ends in a bunch of spam in my email and no money in my pocket.  Apparently, I was signed up on the wrong sites! Swag Bucks,  NCP, and My Points, have received some good reviews (some better than others).  I personally have yet to try them (sign up at your own risk), but I am going to give them a shot.  If you have, drop a comment below

4.   Sell your clothes

If you’re anything like me, you have a closet with clothes you wear, and clothes you have to stare-at.  I have clothes with tags still on that I never got a chance to wear because I either got too big for them, or too small.  The same goes for my children.  They grow so fast, some times too fast and my pocketbook ends up wasting money.  Most of the time I give it away to charity, but its nice to know that their are apps and places that you can sell gently used clothes on!

5.  Ibotta

Everyone always has their cell phone with them,  It’s usually glued to our hands.  There’s an app that allows you to make money when you shop! Ibotta gives you the chance to scan your receipts when you shop to earn cash back from the purchases you make!  They have savings with some of everyone’s favorite stores, including Walmart and Target.  Shopping and cell phones sounds like the perfect combination to me!

6.  Job Spotter

Ever go for a walk in your neighborhood and see a help wanted sign up, in a local café, or at the neighborhood hardware shop?  Well, I have some good news!  Snapping a photo of that sign an uploading it to Indeed’s Job Spotter app will earn you some dollars.  There are a few stipulations of course, but you earn points for legitimate job offers, 100 points equals $1.  The app has received some good reviews, I definitely would suggest downloading the app and having ready just in case you come across some help wanted signs, during your daily walk with the kiddos-it can’t hurt right….?

7.  Airbnb

Do you have a home you’re not currently using, or a room you wouldn’t mind renting out occasionally to earn some extra cash?  Airbnb is trusted and used by many (including myself) as an alternative to staying in hotels that sometimes aren’t family friendly.  You can become a host with Airbnb, set your price, cleaning fees, deposit fees, etc., and be on your way to bringing in some extra cash!


There are many new options to making money that I did not list here.  You can rent out your car, start a podcast, use AdSense on your websites, invest, deliver for Postmates…, the list goes on and on.  Drop your favorite ways to make extra cash in the comment section!


Author: Elizabeth Keith

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